Monday, September 14, 2009

Today's Kade's Day!

KFC for Kade Day is here!
It has been announced on the
radio, all the Firefighters in the area
have been invited (125+), and HUGE group
e-mails have been sent out! I cannot
wait to get there. We will be pulling the girls
out of school early so they can be there and
'work' the lobby of the Cottonwood store.
We are really excited to see the support of
such a wonderful community. I'll take my
camera. Wish us luck!!! We love you, Kade!!!


Laurie said...

Good luck! I hope it is a wonderful success!!

P.S. I just saw you are from Sedona...our summer trip this year was to Sedona, we actually stayed in Cornville, but we fell in love with the beauty of Sedona and all it had to offer! You lucky ducks!

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

GOOD LUCK for all the fund raising for guys are AWESOME!

jorgegr said...

I hope all goes well. Its great that you are helping out.

Brette said...

Hey I totally just found your blog! I googled your name to find your phone number and saw this link so I clicked on it to see if it was really you guys, and walla!! You can look at our blog if you want, Anyway I'm still looking for your number!! You guys are awesome for doing the fund raiser for Kade's family. I know they really appreciate it. It's so special to see family/friends/community come together like this when a tragedy happens.

The Fosters said...

How did it go? You are great friends.

Becky Macbeth said...

Look at those super-model kids of yours! I am so amazed by all you're doing - good luck! I'd be banging down the colonel's door if I were there!