Monday, August 17, 2009

German Exchange Students!

This summer my sister Becky took on
a new job. I'm not sure what her official title
is, but I'll call it "One Busy Lady"! She is in
charge of over 20 German Exchange Students
for 4 weeks. Not only is she in charge of all their
excursions, but she is also their teacher. I bet she is
counting down the days until her real summer begins!

Well, my parents are housing 2 of the girls.
They decided to bring them to Sedona
for the weekend. They also brought one of
the boys with them, too. We had a ball!

My dad rented a Jeep and we hit Sedona's
best trails. My dad is one crazy driver!!!
He used to race off-road vehicles and we were
crazy to ever let him behind the wheel!

The German girls (Selena and Kim) enjoyed it,
but I think Selena was happy once we hit the
paved roads again. Daniel (the German boy),
loved everything. We introduced them to KFC
and they chowed! It was fun watching them
experience it for the first time. They are ready
to open their own franchise in Germany. :0)

We aren't big gamers, so I found it funny that
our American kids had Daniel playing GameCube.

Our nightly ritual was a good game of cards.
The first night we played SkipBo...we love that game!

The last night, they taught us a game with a
name that made Sydney blush and excuse herself
from the table. We will now call it 'German Rules'.
Hopefully we can come up with a better name,
but at least it doesn't make Syd cry. :0)

All in all, we had a great time! Miss them already!!!


The Fosters said...

You are such a better blogger than I am. Do you think I will ever catch on? Thanks for everything - we love to visit Sedona.

Becky Macbeth said...

Wow! You guys are the best! I am sure they loved it! Thanks for showing them a great time. And, yeah, the real name of the game makes me blush, too! ;)

Callie said...

whats the real name? you got me curious!?

Jen said...

Let's just say that Sydney came and told me the name and said, "It's Shoot Face, but not shoot!"

jorgegr said...

I am not sure that I would want to ride with your dad driving.WHat fun having the exchange students visit.