Monday, July 20, 2009

We're back!

We are back and it was fantastic!
Everyone fell in love with Summer.
She was truly the life of the party!!!
She made good friends. Shipley and
Taryn were adorable and I know they
will make great YCL's one day!

They went Snipe Hunting
(thus the toothpaste on their faces).
They caught 2 and only
two 1st years cried. :0)

Repelling was our High Adventure Activity
and it was amazing! Summer was the very
first one to go and she made it look so easy.
Unfortunately, I followed closely behind
and found myself hanging upside down over
the side of the cliff! It made for a good laugh!!!

It was a pretty decent drop and Summer
went back for more! I didn't!!!! :0)

We had a fun dance party until 2:30 in the
morning on the last night. Those girls were
adorable! Who knew they were such good
dancers, even if their pants were pulled
up too high! They are so funny.


kandy said...

What cute girls but Sum is the cutest! Looks like a fun time. Where are the pictures of my darling daughter?

jorgegr said...

What a great time! The girls are all so cute.

Jen Rose said...

How fun! Yeah...where is a picture of that cute Jen?? So glad you guys had a blast! Now, off to a couple more trips I hear! Sounds fun!