Sunday, May 17, 2009

Bikes, Birds, & Lizards!

We are in the midst of perfect weather!
The evenings are breezes,
beautiful sunsets, and great bike rides!
Summer has officially stolen my bike!
We have discovered that it is impossible
to take a cute picture of Sydney while
she is riding a bike. Crazy facials!!!

Ty is the out of control 2 wheelin'
king of the out!!!
Not-So-Charming (our bird that lives
in our hanging Geranium plant out back) is a girl,
after all! We thought it was a not-so-handsome
boy bird these past few years, but HE just had
4 little baby birds. I guess we need to change
her name to Charming. She isn't the prettiest bird on
the block, but apparently she has found a husband!

Ty found himself a little lizard friend
tonight. With daddy's help, he was able to hold it
and giggle because "It Ickles!"...
or tickles to us common folk.

I hope you are all loving the
change in weather as much as we are!


mummyof5monsters said...

i love your pictures so much!

kandy said...

Is Ty riding his 2 wheeler? Wow! I love the pictures of everyone - even Syd which isn't bad! Glad to see she is wearing a helmet - where is Ty's? I love and miss you and can't wait to see you in a few days.

Carolyn (addtwist) said...

Its so nice to be able to get outdoors!
Living in downtown Long Beach doesn't give us much opportunity to see birds and lizards.
Thanks for sharing :)