Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It's a day to celebrate!

2 years and 4 months ago, we decided to
put this beautiful house on the market and
move to Southern California to be near my
family and the beautiful ocean. Well, don't get
too excited for me....things change and houses
don't sell, businesses change, and friends are made.
As of today, our sweet little house is no longer on
the market. We didn't sell, but have decided to
be happy where we are. We are going to try adding
on an additional bedroom, bathroom, and office.
I am so excited to have a house that doesn't
have to be showing ready at the drop of
a hat! Let's take a moment to celebrate and
just be grateful for the little things (even if that
includes a house you outgrew nearly 4 years
ago when the baby was born).


Karrie said...

God I would love to be where you are! What a neat and different house. I forgot how funky the houses looked out flat and squarish...LOL. I love how you have some of the red rocks right behind you..that must be awesome to look at everyday..but I would think it just becomes everyday. But still it is paradise :)

Kandy said...

mmmmm - I'm probably the saddest of all but I do love Sedona and will visit as often as possible. I love you guys and know you can and will be happy there (or anywhere). What a great house it is even without an addition.

kelly said...

This is a reason to celebrate...being content where you are at this time in your life.

Jen Rose said...

Jen...I totally think it is a day to celebrate! I know you want to be in California but you are super lucky to have a beautiful home, a beautiful family and a great life! I know you will be happy wherever you are! Love ya!

* Amanda * said...

I totally need to get where you are at Jen - happy with where you are at. You guys have a beautiful house but I totally understand feeling so squashed in a home you have outgrown!

Walk in the Woods said...

Oh - I am soooooo celebrating with you! The little things delight me so! :)


Pops said...

Again, you have proven that my pride in you is justified. You're not only a wonderful wife, an awesome mom, a great friend, but you are a very special daughter.
Thanks for sharing your life with all who care.