Friday, January 23, 2009

Pink, pink, & more pink!

Home Tour Time!I am so happy to have a girly girl
daughter who loves pink! Summer is
all about the blues, so luckily Sydney
is pink through and through!

For her birthday this year, we bought her
the beginning pieces for a room transformation.
The polka dots came from LewasDesigns on Etsy.
They came with 2 free birds...
look carefully to find them!

Since we have a southwestern style home,
all our walls are a cream color. We added some
polka dots in that color so we could get away
with leaving the walls and ceiling the same.
The bedding is from The Company Store
and it's my favorite! Summer let us paint
a nightstand she bought for $10 at a yard sale
to match the bed. It is one cozy bed now!
My friend Liz found this adorable desk
at an antique store just outside of Sedona.
I made my parents go check it out with me
while they were visiting this fall. They ended
up buying it for Sydney and the adorable music
chair to go with it. Our little singer can sit
here and do her homework in peace.
Sydney gets to proudly display one of
her treasures that her Great-Grandma Leona
gave her before she passed away. She got a set
of 4 of these pink glasses and it adds the perfect
punch of color to hold her colored pencils.
We hope you enjoyed
your tour of Sydney's


Jennifer said...

Her room is looking so cute and girly! I LOVE the antique desk.

Kandy said...

Oh my, that is sooo cute! I just love all the old pieces you were able to use - Summers round pillow, the old dresser, Summers keychain collection box, etc. It is so cute. Great job!

Anonymous said...

I would have loved to have a room like that when I was growing up. Adorable!

Man and Kat said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog and leaving the comment love!! And I love the pink paradise room. My daughter would go crazy for a room like that :)


What a fun room

jorgegr said...

Her room is very cute. I was most impressed that you could actually see the top of her dresser. Jenna's is covered in all of her many treasures.

kelly said...

totally fun to have a girlie girl.

Becky said...

Oh my gosh! That is adorable! I can't wait to see it in person. Syd is one lucky girl! Where is Summer sleeping now? Is she having to stomach the pink with Syd, or is she enjoying the Blues with Ty? What a fun project!

Spelfenmeisje said...

It's fantastic! I love pink :) Such a lucky girl!

Callie said...

so cute! Becky gave your blog, the girls are so big and Ty is like a real kid! crazy!!! Love the pink! I have 2 pink girls, its fun!

* Amanda * said...

Sydney has such a beautiful room! I love the desk too, very stylish! Great job!

Karrie said...

What a great room! I wish I had a girl...Having 2 boys, and my husband...not too much girly stuff in my house :)You did a wonderful job! How do you get her to keep her room so clean???

byrheea said...

This is such a lovely room. Although blue is my favorite color, I would be happy to have this a sweet pink room too. :)

PS: Thanks for the vote in my poll!