Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Years Day 2009

While the men watched a full day of
football, we snuck off to the Spectrum
in Irvine, California. They have a huge
ferris wheel and an adorable carousel.
Ty wanted me to take a picture of him when we
reached the top of the ferris wheel. He posed for
this picture. Isn't he adorable!?!
Summer is terrified of them and she had
a stomach ache the whole time. Aunt Becky
tried to cheer her up and enjoy the ride.
We were the brave ones! My mom, Sydney,
and I loved every second of it...even if it was cold!


jorgegr said...

I hate Ferris wheels too. George made me go on that one once and the one at California Adventure.

Kandy said...

Summer, come down real soon again so we can go on the ferris wheel again!! Ty, you look so natural!

shells said...

Haha, those pics are great! poor Summer, I can sympathize! Ty looks gorgeous :)