Monday, December 1, 2008

Fun in Vegas!

We had a fabulous time in Vegas for Thanksgiving!
My in-laws have the perfect party house and (even
with 19 of us staying there) we all had warm showers,
soft beds, and DELICIOUS food (thanks to Marie)! We went bowling at Red Rock Hotel. All
of the grandkids were together for a picture!
We went 4 wheelin' and found some new
sand dunes that scared all of us (in a good way)!
Look at my mad driving skills! That was taken
right before I almost flipped us trying to
drive back up that steep hill! :-P

I tried to get a family photo of us for our Christmas
cards, but Summer ruined (yet another) picture!
I may strangle her one day!!! If this is the photo
I choose, it will be doctored a bit!


Jennifer said...

oh Jen don't you know it's impossible to get a perfect pic of 5 people! and it never changes. my mom took about a million pics last year of us kids and we still couldn't agree on one we all liked. i think yours is cute even if she is sticking out her tongue. :)

jorgegr said...

I like your picture-the background is a pretty view. You should send it out as it is and then next time maybe she will think twice before sticking her tongue out in the photo.

Kandy said...

Wow, sure looks like you had a great time! We went bowling too! Are those the ATV's from the cabin? My eyesight is bad so the picture looks fine to me!

Kandy said...

OK, I looked closer and it's cute!

Jen Rose said... guys have the cutest little family1 Everyone always smiling and adorable! Even Summer's tongue! :) I'm so sad it didn't work out to see you more but next time for sure! And, I'm thinking a road trip down there is far overdue. We could have so much fuN! I missed you! Love ya! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Ha! I could never get a good photo when mine were that age. It's cute!


The picture looks like a normal family, but when you were riding, where were the helmets?

* Amanda * said...

Jen! I am so happy you guys had such a nice time over Thanksgiving - but you are always having fun! :P

Love the family picture - even with Summer's tongue! :)

Love ya,