Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Circus

For a year straight, Ty has talked about
riding an elephant at the circus! I planned
poorly last year and only took $40 & we
didn't have enough money to ride the
elephant. This year, we took $100 and
spent all of it! Just look at Ty's face:

Mr. Cool riding on a pony
named Little Red.
Look at me! No hands!!!
We were lucky enough to run into
Will, Christina, & Tanner there, too!
Tanner rode the pony right
behind Ty. Isn't he cute!!!


kelly said...

how awesome....riding an elephant. nate was never into the circus...sniff sniff

april said...

Hey there-
Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering the contest. Stay tuned for more great give aways. Anywho, you've got a great blog too! One question. Are you LDS? You have that vibe.
P.S. I'll be in Sedona next month.

Kandy said...

That was so cool! Ty, were you scared being up so high? Hey, I didn't see Sum and Syd on the ponies - but then they did look like some pretty small ponies! Miss you guys! We need to schedule Grammy Camp now!

Jen Rose said...

An elephant? That is so cool! You guys are always doing the funnest stuff! I love it! Miss you guys!

Debra said...

That is the coolest thing....

* Amanda * said...

Ty looked like he was having a blast! Really worth every cent isn't it?! : )

Love ya,