Friday, July 11, 2008

Crazy Parents!!!

What in the world are those
parents doing allowing their
kids to climb on the roof?One neighbor, walking by, asked
if we were doing a fire drill!
In fact, we are getting the house ready
to sell, AGAIN!!! I swear, this horrible
housing market will be the end of me!

Wish us luck!!!


Jen Rose said...

Wait a second! Are you MOVING? What in the heck? I haven't talked to you in a few weeks - and I'm so out of the loop! Well, good luck!

Jen Rose said...

LOVE the new look!

jorgegr said...

Moving again? Where are you moving too? I wish you luck.

Victoria Ann said...

What a lovely blog, definately be back for a good read. I see you have two daughters and a son like me! Does he get smoothered by his sisters?
We moved in May , still have a lot of things in boxes! I will never ever move again! Love our new house though!:)

Vic (