Friday, May 9, 2008

Sydney's Voice Recital

Tonight was Sydney's 1st
Voice Recital! She invited her
school teacher, Miss Fazzi.

She sang 5 songs (the most of everyone).
1. Zippity Do Dah
2. How Much is That Doggy in the Window?
3. I'd Do Anything
4. Do Re Mi
5. Rubber Ducky
Her daddy gave her roses after.
Miss Fazzi also gave her a carnation.
She was pretty proud of herself,
but I was prouder! She was the youngest,
cutest, and most talented there!
Way to go, Sydney!


Jen Rose said...

I want to hear her sing! That is so awesome! I bet she did great! And, is she wearing makeup? :)

Kandy said...

Way to go. I hope my last comment posted - we will see.

Kandy said...

Guess it didn't post so here goes again! Wow wish I could have been there. I think its a very good thing Syd (and Sum too) got their musical genes from the Stewarts. I would have been the most proud.
Love, Grammy

Mindless Pursuits said...

Very cool! Congratulations, Sydney!