Sunday, May 25, 2008

School's out for summer!

Another school year has passed!
What a wonderful school year it was.
Sydney will really miss Ms. Fazzi (her
2nd grade teacher). She loved her!!!!
She had a luau with her class where
I taught the girls to hula and the boys
a warrior dance. They loved it!
Summer left 5th grade with a bang!
Not only was she on Honor Roll, but she won
a bike! Very cool! Her last few days of school
were very busy. She got to go to a High Honors
Luncheon at the golf course restaurant and she
went VIP (earned special treatment)
to a water park in Phoenix. I think she'll
miss 5th grade a little bit, but is ready for 6th!


kelly said...

i am so jealous...we still have one more week of school :(

Jen Rose said...

A bike? How awesome is that? Your kids are so adorable! I'm sure you guys are so looking forward to the summer! I hope to see you all soon! :)