Monday, April 7, 2008

Grandpa's Funeral

What a fitting tribute for such a
wonderful man. Grandpa Blaine
was a WWII veteran, so he had
the most beautiful graveside salute!
He had the American Flag draped
over his casket, and the buggler played
his final song for grandpa.
Sydney was Grandpa's little 'angel' and I know
he enjoyed her duet with her cousin Zane.
They sang 'Families Can Be Together Forever'
perfectly. All the other great-granchildren
joined in for the chorus. It was really special.
We will miss you, Grandpa!


Kandy said...

Wow, you are so awesome and I love your picture choices. We will get our money back for the late arriving flowers. Thanks for your blog.

Jen Rose said...

Syd sang? That is so cool. What a great memory! I hope everything went well for the funeral. I was thinking about you!