Sunday, January 20, 2008

We miss Sydney!

Being a middle child myself, my mom

often used the analogy that I was the meat

in between two pieces of bread (my sisters).

What a boring sandwich if I wasn't there.

We have a boring sandwich here at home!

Sydney, our middle child, got on a plane all by herself

and flew to California to be spoiled for her 8th birthday.

She met her cousin Tanner there and her Grammy & Pops.

They went to Disneyland on Friday and California Adventure

on Saturday (Aunt Becky & Uncle Brad joined them there) .

Who knew that four days without her

would feel like an eternity here at home!

Hurry home, Syd (safely)!!!


Jen Rose said...

That is so cool that Syd gets to go to California. Was that her first plane ride? Hope she has fun.....but I'm sure it's a little lonely without her! Miss you!

grammy said...

I'm not sure who had more fun - the kids or us old folks! Just want to ask Syd one thing - do you want to go with me on the Tower of Terror again? I sure thought it was fun!
I love you,