Friday, September 25, 2015

Waterfalls and sharks, oh my.

Luckily Bridal Veil Falls has wheelchair access. Once we reached that point, arm strength came into play. 
Uncle Brad even carried Max to the base of the waterfall. 
Most the time, Max just sat and threw rocks in the water. See the speck between the two falls?  That's Summer! Sydney was still on her way up. 
We made almost daily trips to the cemetery. It's such a beautiful spot. Especially at sunset. 
We enjoyed a day at the Dinosaur Museum. 
Sydney and I even put Max and his wheelchair on the dinosaur scale. 
That's one cute group of grandkids that Grammy and Pops sure know how to spoil. 
2 very silly boys....
with two very silly (and scared) little girls. 

We're enjoying every second!!!


Mushbir Nidhal said...

Awesome kids, Thanks for sharing..........

kandy said...

It all was a blur but sure glad you documented this time in our life.