Saturday, November 8, 2014

Ty's amazing soccer season

Ty has had an amazing soccer season. He has been a great defender for years. This year, his coach put him as goalie a few quarters. 
Last game, Ty saved at least 5 HUGE shots on goal. We found his position!  This kid is an all star goalie!!!  His punts go past center field!  Nobody his age even comes close to matching that. 

Last nights game marked the first penalty kick of the season. It was just Ty and the kicker on the other team. Nerves were high and the kick was made. Ty was in perfect form and he made the save!
The cheering was out of control. It ended the 3rd quarter and this picture says it all!  His whole team was so grateful to have this rock star goalie in that quarter. They ended up winning 4-0!!!
We went out to pizza with the team for a little celebration of the last league game. Now we're on to play offs. This was Ty's face when the coach started talking about his penalty kick save. He's pretty proud of himself, but not nearly as proud as we are!!!  Love that kid!