Sunday, May 29, 2011

2 hrs. and 45 min. later...

We have safely arrived in California after stopping off in Phoenix for Ty's Pediatric Pulmonary appointment at St. Joseph's Hospital.  We had Summer and Sydney positioned outside our window on the third floor.  They had the dog and the kitten.  It was 97* out and, luckily, they had a nice breeze and some shade.  Little did we know that the appointment would take 2 hours and 45 minutes and we still don't have the answers we are seeking.  Here is what we do know:
*When we arrived, Ty's lung capacity measured at 67% in one area
*After the first treatment of the drug that mother's intuition told me that it was the wrong medicine, it plummeted to 43%
*After a second treatment (another steroid), he again remained around 43%  :0(
*After a third treatment (another Steroid), he went up to a 58%

Scary, I tell you!  We left there ready for his appointments for multiple blood tests, lung screening, and a GI test.  Should be fun...but it's worth it to get that boy healthy!

Sorry for the boring medical post.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

No more K, just 1, 6, &9

 Today was a sad, yet exciting day.  Ty
graduated from kindergarten.  Now we
officially have a 1st grader, a 6th grader,
& a high school freshman.  Most importantly,
they all graduated with straight A's (or whatever
Ty's kindergarten equivalent to A's are).
 Ty was a handsome man today.  His teacher,
Mrs. Shilling made scrapbooks for all the
kids & the first page showed him in August
2010 when he started.  His cheeks were so
chubby and cute....not that they aren't 
chubby now, but there is a vast difference.
I sure do love this kid!
We will miss Mrs. Shilling.  It was her first
year teaching and she had such a passion
for it.  Ty was very lucky to have her.
Next year he gets Mrs. Densmore, who
happened to be Summer's 1st grade teacher
in Sedona when we first moved here.  
Now summertime can begin!
We're off to California in the morning,
following Ty's big Pulmonary appointment
in Phoenix.  We'll keep you posted on that.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I have a high school-er! AHHHHHhhhh!!!

 We just got back from Summer's
Promotion (Graduation) Ceremony.
She is officially a high school-er.
Leah made Jr. High bearable for her.
She has grown up so fast.  I miss
my little chubby kindergartner.  I am
so glad that Ty looks so much like her.
He is keeping me young and reminding
me so much of his oldest sister.
 Mrs. DeWitt was Summer and Leah's favorite
teacher.  They both were lucky enough to have
her as their homeroom teacher & that is where
they met.  I am so grateful that they found each
other as the new students at a big school this 
year.  We were so happy to learn that Mrs.
DeWitt got a job teaching at the high school.
Unfortunately, Summer and Leah are both 
in AP English and Mrs. DeWitt isn't teaching 
AP.  There is a possibility that she might next
year.  We have our fingers crossed!
One teacher they will surely miss is Mr. Swenson.
He has a crazy, fun personality and he made
History fun.  Too bad he isn't moving on to
the high school.  Watch out Mingus Union 
High School.  You have two freshman headed
your way that will rock your world!  :0)
Congrats girls!!!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Queen of Pronouns

Sydney's class put on the play
'Pirates from Grammar Island'
this week.  Syd was chosen for the
part of the Queen of Pronouns.
She had a large solo at the end of the
play and she did a great job.
 She has enjoyed her teacher Ms. Klassen
this year.  5th grade is a tough age, but she
has managed to sail through without any
issues.  We are so proud of that girl.
 The whole class worked on the decorations
and props for the play.  Syd was really proud
of the skeletons she drew for the ship and
the flag.  They did a great job decorating.
 Here she is with some of her best buds.
Chelsea, Sydney, Kylie, & Emily.
Madi was in the other class this year,
but they just found out they will be together
next year.  They are both VERY happy
about that.  It was a fun play, with fun
music, and adorable actors.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Prom in 8th grade???

 For the past 2 weeks, I have been working
with a bunch of moms at Summer's school to
create "A Night in Paris" theme for their
8th grade Promotion Dance.  Is this a new
thing...the word Promotion?  We called it 
graduation back in my day.  Guess I'm showing
my age here.  :0)  It looked like Prom to me.
 Sydney helped me put the food tables together.
Summer has complained that this school has
lame dances.  She said they never have snacks.
Well, we made up for it!  The food rocked!
She had it all.  I was a fan of the DJ, especially
since he played two Bruno Mars songs.
 Since I was at the school from 1:30 until 10:30 that
night, Summer went home with Gloria to get ready.
Gloria put make-up on Summer and curled her hair.
MAKE-UP ON SUMMER!  That is a rare sight.
She looked beautiful!!!
 Leah went to Loree's house to get ready and
Loree spent 2 hours straightening Leah's hair.
She looked beautiful, but I find it funny that
Summer spent a bunch of time trying to go
curly, and Leah went straight.  The grass 
is always greener.  :0)  Cute girls!!!
I forgot I had had my camera set to low light, so
all of my pictures are blurry.  Sorry.  Here's the
whole group: Loree, Gloria, Leah, & Summer.
They were so cute, they even pulled Syd onto
the dance floor a few times.  Syd had a blast 
watching from the kitchen, as did I.  
It was a fun night.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Meet Zeedo!

 Hello.  My name is Zeedo and
I am a new member of
the Stewart family.
 This is my owner Summer.  She is my
biggest fan!  I get to sleep with her tonight
and I plan on crying all night long.  Do 
you think she will still be my biggest fan???
 This is Ty.  He's gentle enough, but
boy is that kid noisy.  Even when he walks,
he slaps his shoes on the ground.  Who
can sleep in a place like this?
Then there's Sydney.  She must think I'm
a girl!  Look at this box she insisted on carrying
me around in.  HELLO!  My name is Zeedo and
I am a BOY!  Hopefully she finds me something
masculine to walk around in.  Wish me luck!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Poem from Summer

Summer wrote this poem for me for
Mother's Day.  All I can say is 'Ditto'
for my mother.  Aren't mothers the
best.  Happy Mother's Day, my friends!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

A very scary FHE

 Ty was in charge of the lesson for 
Family Home Evening this week.  He 
taught a great lesson and then insisted 
that dad had us do face painting for 
the activity.  We decided to attack Ty with
the paint and surprise him.  That's the
cutest lion I've ever seen.
He liked to scare us by showing off his
fangs.  After seeing African Cats in the 
theater, we knew he had to have fangs
in honor of 'Fang'.  Did you see that movie?
We loved it...I actually teared up in parts.
I'm a softy, for sure!  :0)

Friday, May 6, 2011

16 years in the making!

Las Vegas.  The town my husband and 
eldest daughter were born in.  Jason called
Vegas home for 24 years, I called
it home for 3 years, and Summer called
it home for one year.
Keep in mind, Mormons aren't big 
gamblers (we actually are counseled not
to gamble at all...rightfully so).  Well, my cousin
Kelly and her husband Steve came to visit us
there once and we went to play Craps.  Kelly
was on a roll with the dice and I decided to 
place a bet on a HARD TEN (my lucky #).
What should Kelly roll?  Two fives...that's
a hard ten!  Yay!  My first 'big win'.  
I walked out of there with $120 and
haven't played since.  That was 14 or so
years ago.  What we have played for
all 16 years of our marriage is hand 
held poker.  No sin in that, right!?!
:0)  16 years, and never a royal flush.

Until yesterday!  Can you believe it!?!
It took over 3 minutes to tally up the
50,000 point win.  Too bad that wasn't
real.  What I could do with $50,000!
16 years to win?  Yep, it's a good thing
I don't gamble in 'real life'.  :0)
It was a pretty exciting win either way.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We're listening. :0)

#4 (Treasure Chest)
Just click on the picture to enlarge it
Nothing is better than constructive criticism.
Thanks for all the feedback.  We've made
a few changes and I want to know what
you think.  We've added a treasure chest,
a compass, and changed the size & color
of the ship.  Please continue to compare these
with the first 3 and let me know your
overall favorite.  You guys rock!  Thanks!

 #5 (Compass)
#6 (Blue Ship---can be any color)

Monday, May 2, 2011

I need your opinion!

#1 (Large Ship)
It's decision time and I need your help!
Please vote and tell me which shirt you
would want to wear if you were a
teenage girl (ages 12-18).
click on pictures to enlarge

 #2 (Striped Circle)

#3 (Skull & Crossbones)
Girls Camp is quickly
approaching and I am
really excited.  June 16-20

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The fair came to town!

 You know you live in a small town hickville when 
the kids get the day off school for the fair!  :0)
Summer and Leah had the entire off for 'fair day',
while Syd and Ty got early release at noon for it.
 This was our first time going.  It's not a big
deal in Sedona, but in Clarkdale it is BIG
TIME EXCITEMENT!  Ty got a special
award at school that gave him a Star Student
Pass for free admission.  Who knew fairs were
so darn expensive?  I feel poor now that
it's over....seriously!
 This picture is for Pops Pig!
Admission was $10 for adults,
$7 for kids.  Each ride was $3-$4.
The girls bought unlimited ride wristbands
for $30 each (which they totally made worth
it).  Ty ended up spending about $24 on rides,
so I should have bought him one.  Next year
I will plan ahead and save for a few months. 
 There was a petting zoo, a Sea Lion Show, a Rodeo,
rides, food, and lots of fun.  We snuck out at 
3:00 to hit up the KFC for free food
and then Leah and Summer napped
 until 5.  We headed back and watched the 
Rodeo and the kids rode rides until 10:15.  
I called it quits at that point.
 The girls, like I said, got
their monies worth.
 We'll be there next year on Fair Day.
 This was Ty's favorite ride.
It cost us $16.  :0)
This is Sydney and Madi dangling high in the
sky on the scariest ride there.  I was really
proud of Syd.  She went on it at least 3 times.
Grammy- take note.  She said she wants to 
attempt Tower of Terror again at California
Adventure.  Do you believe her?  We'll have 
to see if she comes through on that one.