Monday, February 28, 2011

Snake around the neck? Yep!

My daughter loves her pet snake.  
Normally I don't have a problem with
him since he stays in his cage in her room
24/7.  Yesterday she took it too far! 
 Who in their right mind wraps
a snake around their neck?
Would you ever?  I
know I wouldn't!
Especially since his
name is Venom!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cruel...but wonderful world!

 I may sing the praises of Southern California...
since it is my idea of paradise.  One thing it
doesn't have is this.  Beautiful snow!
 There is nothing better than waking up
and looking out the window to find
the world covered in a blanket of
brilliant white snow.  Heavenly!
 My only question to you is,
"Why does it always have to snow
on a Sunday?"  My kids are forced
to get dressed in their Sunday best (when
they would much prefer snow clothes) and
go sit for hours while the sun melts all
of the snow.  Cruel world!  :0)
Luckily, when we returned home from Stake
Conference there was still snow all over
Jason's car.  A wonderful snowball fight
ensued.  So much so that I was drenched
all the way through my clothes.  I love
the snow...but I still prefer the beach!
Ty looks pretty good for someone that
was in the hospital 28 hours before. :0)

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Where were you at 3am?

Ty and I spent a couple hours in the ER.
You know it's early when you get to watch
the sun rise on the drive home.
Ty awoke at 2:30 with severe jaw pain
and his face was really swollen.  I haven't
liked his reactions to the medicine and Jason
and I both feared that he was having another
allergic reaction (this is the boy that is
allergic to Benadryl...weird, right). 
We talked to the triage nurse at our
pediatricians office and she said to get him to
the hospital.  Of course by the time we arrived
his symptoms were subsiding and his blood
oxygen level read 98% which is awesome!
The ER doctor believes that the 4 week long
cough & vomit we experienced last time was
bronchitis.  He recommended only using the
inhaler if Ty can't stop his coughing fits.
Again, mothers intuition tells me that the
asthma wasn't the right diagnoses (but I am
not a doctor).  This doctor did find an ear
infection that may have been the main cause
for the jaw pain.  He couldn't emphasis enough
the importance of the trip to a Pulmonary
Specialist either.  Too bad they can't get us
in until April!  We're on a cancellation list, too.
Next stop is our Pediatrician on Monday.
Let's get this boy's blood oxygen figured out!

Friday, February 25, 2011


 I know I've mentioned Ty's gag reflex before.
Well, I guess it's not just a gag reflex.  :0(
I took Ty to the Dr. on Tuesday to have
her examine him.  Every time he gets a cough,
he vomits.  Once at night and once in the
morning....every day for 4 weeks last time.
On our drive home from Vegas, Ty started
coughing and threw up. 
'Enough is enough', I said! 
Well, the doctor checked his blood oxygen levels
and it revealed that he is extremely low.  She
made an educated guess that he has what is called
"Cough Variant Asthma".  With that she started
him on a breathing treatment
and things improved.
 We now have an inhaler (remember this still
isn't an exact diagnoses).  We went back for a
follow up appointment yesterday and he tested
at 92%!!! In layman's terms...people under 92%
require oxygen.  Legally the Dr. couldn't let
him leave the office until he hit 95%.  After 15
minutes of treatment he finally reached 95%.
We left there and headed to get chest x-rays.
They came back clear, which rules out
pneumonia.  Our next stop is a Pediatric
Pulmonary Specialist in Phoenix. 
We will get this figured out! 
The reason I am giggling in the background
of these pictures is the fact that these drugs
make Ty sooooo hyper!  He is bouncing
off the walls.  His hands shake like an old
man and his checks are constantly flushed.
It's pretty funny watching him spin his way
to the bathroom.  What happened to my
well behaved son?  :0)  At least he's
not sickly.  That's one healthy boy...
other than this.  Love ya Ty!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Flash Back!

This beauty is truly a flashback!  See me,
standing front and center?  Some things
never change.  I must have been about 5...
which means this is over 30 years old!
It's a timeless beauty.
OK, maybe not so timeless!  :0)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Vagabond Me!

Did you notice a change?
I now own my own domain name! 
Woo Hoo! No more of thestewartstuff. 
Hello VagabondMe.
Why Vagabond?  It is my FAVORITE word
in the entire universe.  Why?  Not sure!  :0)
It just sounds really cool.
Jason and I have moved a lot in our
16 yrs. of marriage.  From CA, to UT,
to NV, to ID, to AZ.  Either a vagabond
or a nomad.  Take your pick!  :0)
 I will strive to post at least once a day. 
Now that I have some ads running on
my blog, I hope to offer some giveways
soon.  Let's have fun together. 
Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Digging up the past in Vegas!

While in Las Vegas, the family history
ball started rolling! Back in 1957 Jason's
Grandad appeared in Life Magazine. My
in-laws have a gorgeous picture of him (Dell)
with one of his many horses that hangs on their
office wall. It was taken by the photographers
from Life Magazine. After a google search, we
found the actual magazine he appeared in. Gary
and Jason both ordered copies of the original
magazine and ours is on its way. I can't wait!
I'll share the magazine with you when it arrives. Dell had one of the original horse ranches
in Las Vegas. Jason and I were lucky enough
to live in his last home when Summer was born.
I never got to meet Dell, but I feel a connection
to him through those 2 years we lived there.
He had some incredible race horses and this photo
(above) shows him on the left with his father
(Jason's Great-Grandad) on the right. The horse
in the photo was their biggest winner. His name
was John Herald. He was Grandad's pride & joy!
One more photo I have to share is this one!
Hollywood actor John Payne (most famous for
his role as attorney Fred Gailey in
Miracle on 34th Street in 1947) wanted
a cowboy photo taken and they had him pose
with some real life cowboys (Dell in the middle
and his brother Cornell on the left). I love this
photo of Dell! He was one very handsome man.
I can't wait for our magazine to arrive. I'll
share it with you, I promise!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A 'quick' trip to the Bellagio

Have you ever driven the Strip in Las Vegas?
If so, you will probably laugh when you hear
me say that we planned a 'quick trip' to watch
the Bellagio Water Show last night. At 9:58 we
were stuck in traffic in front of the Bellagio. I had
these 4 cuties in my car with Jason driving. I
made the call to quickly unbuckle and we jumped
out (quite illegally), just in time to watch the
show. In total, we had 4 cars there...and only
these boys got to watch it. We ended up staying
to watch the 10:30 show also. Everyone except
Annette got to experience it. Now, why didn't
Annette get to, you may ask. There was a major accident somewhere near
there and it LOCKED down the traffic in
the parking garage. LITERALLY! We were
stuck in the parking garage for 2 hours!
Luckily, I had remembered the "World's
Largest Chocolate Fountain" that is there
at the Bellagio. Heather, Tate, Summer, &
I jumped at the opportunity to go back in the
hotel to get ourselves some Crepes. Yep,
not quite on the diet plan, but totally
worth it. Everybody else sat in the cars
watching movies and moving NOWHERE
while we feasted on deliciousness.
Selfish? Maybe. Smart? You bet! Even though we didn't get home until
2 am our time, I had a blast! I always
enjoy being out on the town...just
not being locked in a parking garage. :0)
Uncle Chris took this photo of us in front
of the Paris Hotel. Maybe we can use it
to fool the kids into thinking they were
with us this summer when we went to
France. Doesn't hurt to try, right!?! :0P
Summer and Tate were the ultimate tourists
taking photos of everything. I loved this one
Summer took of the glass flowers that the
Bellagio lobby is famous for. Just
thought I would share it. You're welcome.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Las Vegas, Baby!

We are in Las Vegas!
The Stewart Clan is together again (minus Brady). Bridget is here!!! All of our kids are growing
up too fast. We all fight over Bridget's attention.
Summer had a fun time doing a photo shoot of
her with her new camera. Isn't this adorable!!! Our 3 teenager girls are trouble makers.
They spend their time listening to
iPods, playing on Kaylee's iPad, and
just gabbing about boys. They really
are good girls...not a troublemaker
to be found. I promise!
These 4 are the real troublemakers.
Grandma & Grandad's house may
never be the same.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Science Fair Success

Maybe Sedona has been rubbing off on us,
but Sydney has been growing crystals.
No, not Vortex, Psychic, or Weirdo
Crystals. Just Borax Crystals.
This was our first go at a Science Fair project.
Summer never had to do one. We were
excited, yet nervous. It's cute, right!?!She had some variables: Boiling water, warm water,

& luke warm water. The boiling water and Borax

won. It was a pretty cool experiment.

Each color card represented the water temperature.
Blue: Boiling
Yellow: Warm
Green: Luke Warm
Can you see the difference?
First Place, Baby!
That's my girl!!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Jumping Pose

I'm sure this goes without saying, but my
kids love to do the 'jumping pose' in pictures.
Summer tends to tease everyone else while
she claims to have the best 'pose'. See our
blog header. Hers is pretty cool. Well, as siblings
do, my girls constantly fight...over nothing.
One of their recent fights was over Syd's
lack of 'bent knee jumps'. REALLY? Must we
fight about our jumping styles??? I give up.
Summer got a camera for Christmas and I was
just going through some of the pictures she had
taken. This picture was taken in 'my room' at
my parents and apparently she was giving Syd
jumping lessons. That's a step in the right direction,
isn't it? Next thing I know they will be holding
hands and singing 'Kum ba yah'.
A mother can dream, right?

Monday, February 14, 2011


Here is a classy, gorgeous, cell phone
picture of Jason and I waiting for a table
at our small town's version of a fancy
steak house. 55 minute wait....which
meant we were forced to talk to each other!
Crazy concept, I know. At dinner, Jason pointed
out that it was 17 years and 5 days ago that we
met. Look at how far we have come. We
are pretty proud of our 3 greatest accomplishments.
Bet you can't guess what I am referring to. :0)
Happy Valentine's Day!!!

More face painting

My very SCARY skeleton!
Jack Sparrow in a very female version.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pirates of the...Cupcake Bingo???

Leah, Kaylee, and Summer
Last night was Cupcake Bingo at Ty and Sydney's
school. Summer and Leah ditched their school's
Valentine's Dance (which they were happy to miss)
to come play along. Sydney won the 4 corners game
and Leah won the Blackout game. It was a fun
evening. A lady was there painting faces for $1
and the cool kids went for mustaches
and eyeballs (Syd did it, too).
Thanks to my friend Jason Shultz for taking this
picture on his cell phone. I'll post pics of Ty & Syd later.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Summer at Out of Africa

Summer's school instituted what they call a
'Service Learning Project'. Each student has to
do 4 hours of community service to better our
local situation. When Summer told me about it,
I immediately thought of Out of Africa...our
Wildlife Park that is 1/2 hr. away.
When I called to see if they had any service
she could provide, we lucked out. The lady that
answered was wonderful. Not only did they
let Summer arrange a time to come and
'work', but they spoiled her. She is a true animal
lover....she has a snake as a pet (need I say more).
This was a once in a lifetime opportunity and
she thrived in it. Animal career in the future?
I believe so!
Her favorite part was when she got
to feed the white tiger. They had a bucket full
of raw meat for her and she thought it was pretty cool.
She got to help out with the Creature Feature Show
which had an anaconda, an iguana, and a blue
tongued skink. She spent most of her time in
the Pet & Feed scooping poop. While on her
lunch break, they missed the birth of 2 goats.
She quickly raced over there and got some
cute pictures of them...she stayed behind the
fence so she wouldn't freak the mom out.
Thanks to Out of Africa for an incredible
experience for Summer. Lucky girl!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Utah...a quick trip.

We left Friday after school and arrived
at my sister Amy's house in Utah at bed time.
We awoke to a crazy, eventful, and fun day.
*Ellie's Baptism
*Summer went snowboarding
*The gang in the picture above went
Mini-Croquet-ing...if that's a word!?!
*Delicious food & fun company
We left the next morning. Quick? Yes!
I'm glad we were able to make it. We were
so proud of Ellie. I have the best family.
I wish we lived closer to one another.
My parents, Becky, Brad, and Libby
drove even further and spent even
less time there. I'm glad we were all
safe & together. We missed Jason, though!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A fun winters day.

We had a fun surprise yesterday. Thomas (a.k.a. Elder
Wolcott) came to visit from Texas. It was great seeing
him and catching up on lost time. The kids adore him
and they had fun holding Summer's snake and
playing Just Dance 2. We're glad he came!

The kids had 1/2 days, so Leah joined us for the day,
too. Summer is trying to convince Leah that
the Wii is better than the Connect that Leah
got for Christmas. I think they enjoy going
to each others houses to try them out.

All in all, we had a really fun day. Now we are
off to Utah to see Ellie get baptized. It was a
last second decision, and we are excited.
Hopefully the weather cooperates.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Last Diet Post...I promise!!!

Seriously! I know how annoying it can be
listening to someone else talk about their
'diet'. I apologize in advance. :0) I just
have 2 secrets to share with you. I have
been losing a pound a day, and these are
2 of the main reasons why:
Lean Cuisine's Chicken with Almonds is to
die for! Honestly, I think it's better than
eating at a gourmet restaurant. It's
just that good! Trust me on this one!!!

Remember my 'boring water' complaint.

Well, I tried Crystal Light like my mom

recommended, but I think it has a diet taste

and is too sweet. I found the perfect compromise!

Gatorade is just right & only 50 calories a glass.

I only allow myself to have it at lunch with

my Lean Cuisine. Yummy...& low in calories.

You're welcome! :0)