Friday, December 31, 2010

We are Jason-less again! :0(

The Grand Opening has finally arrived!
Our Taco Bell/KFC in Sedona is finally
complete. 3 years, and a few million dollars
in debt later, we have opened the doors
for business. COME BUY SOME TACOS!!!
It is gorgeous! Jason has been living there
night and day, and it has been worth it.
So really, if you are in the Sedona area ever,
please drop buy. We would gladly sell you
a few dozen tacos, a 20 piece meal, and
whatever your little heart desires. :0)
Check out that line! It's looking good. Now
we have ditched Jason and are in CA while
he is busy slaving away. We love you, Daddy!
Good work! Keep it up!!!

Summer got a camera!

Santa brought Summer a camera for Christmas.
It is for her trip to New York City in March.
Santa even took the first picture on the camera.
She woke up to find this . Pretty, right! I've also mentioned our one big gift
this year. Santa brought us a Wii!
The kids have loved playing Just Dance 2
that Will and Christina gave us for Christmas.
Jason and I also purchased a Wii fit and we have
had to start using a timer to limit the amount of
exercise we all get. Now that is a good thing!!!
I love that they are fighting over who gets
to exercise. Now, if I could just limit the
fighting to just that! :0) Fat chance!!!
The one main reason we asked Santa for the Wii
was to get our bums moving. There is about a 5
second chance to sit, then the rest of the time is
spent moving (boxing, skiing, jogging, etc.). Summer
just happened to have caught Ty in his 5 second
lounge. :0) We are loving it!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Charades Grandma & Grandad Style

Since the kids were playing the Wii all
day Sunday, we decided it was time for a
real game. We teamed up boys vs. girls
and had a killer game of charades.
I will show you what Grandad and Grandma
acted out, then leave the answers at the
bottom. Good luck!

Grandad's was a movie, 3 words, &
he is acting out the first word.

Grandma had a harder time with hers.
Jason wrote this one, which should have
been a hint for the girls guessing (including
me), but it wasn't. Jason found a prop to help...

It was a movie, 4 words, and we did figure
out that it was _____ of the _____.
Honestly, we couldn't get it. Can you???

Grandad-Kung Fu Panda
Grandma-Return of the Jedi
Hope you did better than we did!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve

I am one happy girl! Not only did my in-laws come
for Christmas, but we had a house full for
our Christmas Eve dinner!

The Elders didn't have any plans when I asked last
week, so we gladly invited them. I assured
Christina that I invited them for good food
and not to baptize her. She had the greatest
response. She said, "If the bathtub is filled with
water when we get there, we are leaving. lol"
Summer and I laughed for a half hour over
that one. :0) No baptisms were performed.

It is really nice having Jason's brother live nearby.
We got to hang out with his family on Christmas
Day, too. We had a ham dinner here and a turkey
dinner there. It's a good thing we got a Wii Fit
for Christmas. Time to get busy with it!

We have really enjoyed having Grandma and Grandad
staying here. They have enjoyed seeing the new house
and we have enjoyed spending some quality time
with them. Wait until you see some of the funny
pictures I got of them playing Charades tonight!!!

Friday, December 24, 2010

We are Christmas Busy...and that's OK!

There is only one kind of busy I
enjoy and that's Christmas busy!

School Christmas programs,
marathon cookie decorating,
bundling up to Christmas carol,
& dressing up with tacky WalMart clothes
on Christmas twin day.

I love this season! I think
it's here to stay!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Let me start off this post by telling you that
my nickname growing up was 'smiley'. My
parents often joked that I would smile all the
time, even if I was crying. Now, take a look
at this awesome (just kidding) family picture.
It must have been about 1982. Our little fam.
Let's break it down (I'm on the far left):
The good:
*We are all tan and skinny
*We just returned from Hawaii & Amy and I
loved our little Hawaiian dresses we got there
*Did I say we are all skinny???
*Baby Becky is smiling and looking
in the right place
The bad:
*That must have been one scary photographer!
Was I feeling a need to protect my baby sister
that they were obviously trying to entertain???
*Amy's rainbow bangs (we all had them at
one time or another).
* The ugly Olan Mills background...
a library? Really?
*We caught my dad is his mustache years.
I blame Tom Selleck (who me happened to
meet on that Hawaii trip)....that's a story for
another day. Trust me, that was embarrasing!
OK, the worst part. Can you imagine my moms
reaction when (weeks later in those days) she
went to finally see the pictures she was paying
a fortune for? Of all of the kids not to be smiling,
I bet she would never have believed I would
have ruined that very expensive, and now ugly,
family picture. Sorry, mom!
I owe you a family picture.
Thank you, Amy, for sending me that beauty!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Sunday Grumps

Every year on Christmas Sunday, I make
my kids pose for a picture in front of the tree.
They look cute, right!?! Well, if you only knew:
*Summer hated that sweater & wouldn't smile
*Sydney wouldn't smile because she was in 'a mood'
*Ty smiled, but he has on black tennis shoes
since he outgrew his & he is getting new
church shoes for Christmas. :0)

The saying is true...
"Never judge a book by its cover."
Darn it! I wish we were all smiles,
all the time. At least we are most of the time.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Birthday Results

All Sydney asked for were some roller skates.
I bought her the only pair I could find, which were
at Target. After a week straight of Ty fighting her
for them, Syd has decided to wrap them and put them
under the tree for Ty. She wants to get another pair
of white ones for herself and then we will go roller
skating while in California next week. If you ask me,
Ty got the better end of the deal on that one.

She also scored in the cash and iTunes
gift card categories. I hope she doesn't mind
that I always steal the songs she buys for my iPod.

One year after getting her ears pierced,
Sydney can finally put in real earrings without
pain. Grammy sent her a cute earring tree
and some fun new earrings. Yay that they
actually go in now. Poor Syd.

As tradition dictates, we had to hit up
Javelina Cantina for her birthday feast.
Happy birthday, Syd!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

16 tears...I mean years later!

Yesterday Jason and I celebrated our
16th wedding anniversary. As I was typing
in a title for this post, I accidentally typed
'tears' instead of 'years'. Coincidental?
Maybe. Just kidding. I am one happy girl!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ages and Stages

I am thrilled! I am working on a present
for my mom for Christmas and it requires
pictures from throughout her life.
Some of these I have never seen.
Isn't she adorable! Libby like?
I say yes.
She was a real knock-out. Check out the
sexy shoulder pose. I wish we still wore
hair pieces like that. Time to bring them back.
Does this scream 1980's or what!?!
Do you remember Glamour Shots?
Yep, she even looked pretty in a tacky
Glamour Shots photo. Reminds me
of Napoleon a good way!
Thanks for the pictures mom. I hope you
forgive me for this post, but I had to share.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sydney Rae's Special Day

Who would have ever imagined that this little
brunette would have grown up to be my
extremely tall, long legged, blond 11
year old?!? Happy Birthday, Sydney Rae!

Here's a glimpse into her life:
At the age of 4 weeks, Sydney got RSV.
She was given breathing treatments at home
(steroids) which made her really weak and she
never cried again! That is until her 1st birthday.
That girl made up for lost time. No, she didn't cry...
but she whined! She still does. We knew from
her first birthday on that she would be a singer.
She has such vocal range, which was made evident
through her whining. :0) Did we call it, or what!?!

Her second birthday party was a music party
because she has music running through her veins!
Sydney and Summer were the best of friends.
Summer would never leave Sydney's side
and constantly wanted to hold her and give
her 'famous puckers'. Flash forward 10 years
and Summer wouldn't kiss her for a million bucks.
Much to Sydney's chagrin, since Syd loves kisses!
Before Grandpa Blaine died, he suffered from a lot
of chest pain. We were all on a family trip to
Rocklin, CA to visit my Aunt Tammy's family.
Sydney must have been about 2 or 3.
Grandpa was silently suffering from chest pain
and he went into a quiet room to lay down
and help with the pain. A few minutes after he
laid on the couch, he felt a warm little hand on his
arm and the pain instantly went away. He opened
his eyes and there was little Sydney. She just gave
him a sweet smile and a hug and then she ran off.
Grandpa swore that she may have stopped a heart
attack that day. From that time on, Grandpa
Blaine always called her his little angel. They
had a special bond and I know he is watching her
very closely from heaven. Now he is her angel!

OK, now that I'm crying, let me cheer things up a bit.
One of my favorite Sydney stories is the day she got
potty trained. She was 2 1/2 and she learned in
one day (we used Dr. Phil's method that my mom told
me about). As soon as she was trained, I said, "Now
all that you have to do to become a big girl is
to stop sucking your thumb." I promise this is true!
My thumb sucking addict
never sucked her thumb again!
To this day though, she is a very tactile person. Her
sense of touch is very heightened and she loves to
have her hands near her mouth. She would happily
eat every meal with her fingers, which about kills me!

Happy Birthday, my angel!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ornament Winner!

Are you ready for the results?
Well, here goes nothing!

Ornament #3 came in 1st place
with 19 votes!
The artist was ME!
HaHa Summer! I won!!!

Although Summer came in a close
second with her snowman ornament.
She received 7 votes.
Not too shabby!

The #4 ornament came in 3rd with
3 votes. Once again, that was mine! :0)
Sorry Syd, but no votes for your jester
ornament. Summer's star ornament didn't get
any votes either and that just proves that
you need to see them in person. That one was
actually my favorite...other than mine, of course!

Ty decided it was OK to show off one of
his masterpieces. Thanks for a fun activity, buddy!

Let's go get our store-bought hot chocolate!!!
Ty approves this message. :0)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Contest Time...Please Vote!

The tree is up and decorated, so Ty
had a fun idea. He bought some ornaments
for us to paint. Since he is 5, he can be stubborn.
He refused to be part of this competition, but
since he came up with the idea, he will earn the
same prize as the winner. Here's where you come in!
We need you to vote for your favorite hand-
painted ornament. There are 5 choices and you
can only vote once. The winner will get a store-
bought hot chocolate (which is a huge deal at our
house). Have fun voting! Good luck
Sydney, and me! :0)

#1- The Star that led the Wise Men to Baby Jesus.
#2- A Jester's Christmas Ornament
#3- Swirly Winter Wonderland
#4- The First Snow
#5- Frosty's Wonderland
Thanks for voting!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

We'll ring your bell!

I may be prejudice, but I think these
are the cutest Salvation Army bell ringers
I have ever seen. This is how we spent
part of our day yesterday. I want to make it
a yearly tradition. Afterward, we went in the
grocery store to shop and Sydney said she felt
as though she wanted to tell everyone Merry
Christmas still. Hey, why not?!?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Black Hills Talent!

One thing that was easy about planning
the ward party was finding the talent.
Wow! This is one talented ward.

Judy Backus and her son Chad (our good friend)
were given 1 days notice to sing a duet. You
see, our original soloist got sick, then her
substitute soloist got sick. Thank goodness
the Backus' were able to fill in. I still
don't know if Chad will ever speak to me again.

Niki happened to be the 2nd soloist that was
too sick to sing (let alone talk), but she played
the piano beautifully! I felt so bad every time I
had to talk to her beforehand. She had no voice
left, but she was still willing. That is one sweet girl!

We had Cara and Amberlynn play
for us. It was really beautiful.

Kaylee sang 'We Three Kings' and I was
amazed. She has such poise and a really
sweet voice. Sydney has been taking
Kaylee to Ms. Janie for voice lessons the
two weeks. It paid off. Talent!!!

As always, my favorite part was when the primary
kids got up to sing. They sang 'Away in a Manger' and
they nailed it! Not all of them opted to get up there,
but those that did really gave it their all.

Sydney finished up the 'serious' part of the
program with a lullaby Mary sings to the
baby Jesus called 'All Through the Night.' It
is a really pretty song and she sings it so well.

I know I said the primary is my favorite,
but I lied. Syd beats it! :0)
After the closing prayer, we sent everyone
off with a bang. We had the worlds cutest
cloggers perform. They were covered with jingle
bells and had adorable costumes. So cute!

I was so sad when I got home and found out that
this picture was blurry. McKell was killing us when she
got down on the stage to pose like that. That is one
cute kid (they all are). So, all in all, I say
it was a roaring success. Now, I'm off to
spend some quality time with my kids.
They need it, as do I!!!