Monday, September 27, 2010

My KinderStar!

This is Ty Bradley Stewart. He is 5 1/2 now.
He was selected to be the KinderStar
of the week because of his great attitude
and his love of all things school related.

Where did my little man go?
I miss having him constantly by my side!
I'm not ready for my baby to grow up this fast!
Next thing we know, he will be leaving
for college. STOP THE CLOCK!!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pole Vault

Before I begin this post, I ask you...
Is it wrong that I am jealous of my 10 year
old's body? REALLY! Those legs are so long
and thin, not to mention her adorable butt.
Gross? Sorry! She is soooo cute!

In honor of my cousin Jodie (who broke all
kinds of track records in high school and
college), Sydney took to the pool in her
version of Pole Vault. Ready, Set, Go!

Looking good. Nice balance, good
hand placement, nice line of site....

...then, utter failure! What, was she afraid
of, hitting the water too hard? I give her a
9 out of 10 for effort though.

With an adorable brother like this cheering
her on, how could she not pull it off? Oh well,
it was fun while it lasted! Thanks, Syd!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What would you look like?

Experiment time! What would you
look like with braces???

Ty would be stinkin' adorable!!!
Sydney would give her fake smile. :0)
Not to mention, they are a bit high.
Summer would prove it's time
for a real set. There goes another
$5000. Bummer. Can't we keep
pushing it off? PLEASE!?!

We've been wondering what I would
look like WITHOUT them for a year now.
YAY! Maybe I actually look like
someone that is almost 36.

Since everyone said I looked 10 yrs.

younger WITH braces, does that
mean I look 10 years OLDER now? :0(

When they removed my braces this morning,
I asked them what they do with them.
When she said they would be thrown away,
You're welcome!
Yes, they were sanitized! :0)

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kisses all around!

Do you think we miss her at all?
I miss that smell....
there's nothing better than
a newborn smell.

We even miss this. Am I the

only one that finds this adorable?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Libby Kaye

Tears.....flowing! How could I leave this
precious miracle?!? Oh, my! PERFECTION!
Libby Kaye Macbeth is truly

We literally would get in fights over who
would get to hold her. Luckily, her
dad is a pretty good referee! :0)

We had fun putting the finishing
touches on her nursery. Wow,
that is one lucky girl!

This girls trip was SOOOO girly!
Weddings, polka dots, and our
newest female addition!

It couldn't have been better!
Like I said, Perfection!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Flash Back to Moving Day

It was hard to say goodbye
to our Sedona house...
but it was also F.U.N.!
The kids had a really good time helping
unload the 2nd load of crap...I mean
stuff. :0) Yes, I did say 2nd load.
That's after a garage sale, too. :0(
The Tidwells came to help on moving day.
I think the kids had a lot more fun than
the adults. Thanks, guys!!!
I really miss that red wall!
What do you do after a hot day of unloading?
Act silly! Boy do we need to get some sun
on those WHITE bodies! :0)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sydney's Room

Sydney and her new buddy Madi came home to
pose for a few pictures between volleyball &
soccer practices. They managed a couple minutes
in the pool to cool down between sports.
The sun comes in her room full force in the
afternoons (as you can see in this photo).
She changed from her all pink room
to denim and reds. It looks really cute
and I think she is really proud of it.
I love the archways all over this house.
If I had my way I would pave the road,
get new carpet, & change the tile....but
that's not an option. We are pretty happy
here. Guess it's all worth it!
The boys will have this whole house to
themselves this weekend while the
girls and I head to Southern California.
The girls are in a wedding of a dear friend

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer's Room

Today we are featuring Summer's surfer
room. She loves having the office as her bedroom.
She has always wanted hardwood she
gets blue tiled floors! :0) OK, maybe that's not
quite the same thing, but oh well.

One night while I was already in bed (10:15ish),
she went push pin crazy. I had approved 1
poster...not 3! That little booger.
This post was a day late because of her computer.
Who knew that setting up this bad boy
would slow me down
so much?
Well, as I type she is standing

over my shoulder waiting for me to
leave her
room. Wow, I feel the love!

Here Ty is showing you our 'lovely' front door.
:0) No privacy here! It's a good thing the
dirt road wraps around the back of the house
to warn us when we have visitors. "Hurry,
throw on something over your bathing suit!"

Monday, September 13, 2010

1 bed, 1 bath

We were so sad to leave Sydney's polka dots
behind (OK, they are in the trash), that we
opted for them in the bathroom. Summer
was thrilled to pose for this picture after
school today. What a good sport (not really).
Sydney, on the other hand, was a
good sport. She had just finished
a whirlwind day of school, volleyball
practice, AND soccer practice. I'm glad
she doesn't have the teenage attitude
yet. Oh wait, she does! :0)
Ty wanted to be first on the list to
show off his room. Notice his attire?
Every second of every moment at home,
he is in his swimsuit. SERIOUSLY!
That boy is a fish! His t-shirt
is helping hide his gills.
He loved jumping off the bed to get this
Superman shot. He is loving his room.
He has a great view of his favorite
toy out his window. Bet you can't
guess what that may be. :0)
This is a great shot of Ty, but it
also shows you what this house
is covered in. BLUE TILE! Ahhh!
It's everywhere! It wouldn't be so bad
if I didn't have RED everything! Yep,
my beautiful kitchen dishes clash
horribly. I'll have to show the table set
when I photograph the dining room. :0)
See you for more tour tomorrow!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Let's start the tour!

I have a goal. Every day this week,
I want to take you on a little tour of the
new house. We will have a little surprise
at the end of the week. Let's just say,
we live next to something with
'historical significance'. :0)
Today's tour takes us to our
favorite feature of this house.
It's what sealed the deal!
We joke that we have better
views of Sedona here than we
did living there. The sunsets are
amazing, too. I just snapped this 2
seconds ago and it doesn't do the
nightime view justice. The yard itself is HUGE. We live on an acre
and it is beautifully landscaped. I know, it's
desert landscaping, but it's really done well.
No green grass, but we have a pool!
Beggars can't be choosers, right!?!
Can you find the trampoline? In our
Sedona yard that was all you could see.
Here it gets swallowed up. LOVE IT!
This picture doesn't give good scale
of size. The covered back patio is really
big. We have enjoyed Jason's new BBQ
many a nights already. Views, yummy
food, and a place to cool off in the Arizona
heat. Can't beat that!
We even enjoy a dip in the pool at night.
Syd put up the volleyball net
and we are ready to party!
Come and join us!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lil' Libby Macbeth

She has a name!
Elizabeth Kaye Macbeth
or 'Libby'.
Could my sister be any prettier?!?
I cannot believe she just had
a baby and looks that great.
Thanks for the pictures, Mom!
I'm so sad to be 7 hrs away.
The girls and I will get to meet
her in a week and a half.
We're counting down the days!!!

It's Time!

My little sister is officially in labor! :0)
She's following the Foster girls trend
and is 2 weeks overdue. She had to
be induced....I don't miss those days!
Her life is about to drastically change.
*No more alone time with her husband, Brad!
*My kids will lose a little bit of
Uncle Brad's attention.
*No more sleeping in.
Need I go on?
I can't wait to meet my little niece!
I'll update as soon as she is born.
It's Becky's 1st baby, so this can be
a long delivery. :0(
I'll post pictures as soon as I get some.
She's here!
8 lbs. 4 oz.
20 inches long
No officail name yet, but I think
it will be Elizabeth Kaye and
they will call her Libby! :0)

Friday, September 3, 2010

No internet until Tuesday! :0(

My nice new neighbors have let me
borrow a little internet time. I have
been dying to blog! Here are a few
ways I have come to realize I live
in a small town:
1. No internet access
2. I now live on a dirt road
3. Midnight Blue cars look bad
when covered in dirt (constantly)
4. When I went to the post office,
they were already expecting me
5. Everyone knows us because
of KFC for Kade
6. I've already found a dead baby rat
in the pool, and it's mom a couple
of days later.....GROSS!
and for the worst one yet...
7. When I was driving at night,
an entire family of raccoons (dad,
mom, & 3 babies) stepped out in front
of my car and I killed the WHOLE FAMILY!
Summer yelled out, "You are a horrible
person!" What?!? Like I did it on purpose!
See you Tuesday when I can blog...
with pictures!!! :0)