Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Wizard of Oz

It's that time of year again! Missoula Children's
Theatre's Little Red Truck came to town and the girls
got to audition. It is a favorite summertime tradition
we have. They did a fantastic job, as always!
Sydney was one of the munchkins...
& boy, was she ever cute!
Their costumes were the cutest. The lion and
tin man were pretty cute, too.
Summer was a magician and she was on stage
for weird reasons. :0) She was the tornado,
an arm, & she played corn. Yep, corn!
She sat on stage and held up some
corn on the cob. Weird, but cute.
We love Missoula!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Poker Face

We love games around our house.
One of our favorite is SkipBo!
Ty still has to have a partner playing
this one. Unfortunately, he isn't
very good at disguising a good hand.

What would Lady GaGa say about

that Poker Face? :0)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beauty Makeovers???

Sydney has been begging me to allow
her to give me a beauty makeover. I finally
gave in, assuming it would consist of some make-
up & maybe a cute hairstyle. As you can see,
I was WAY off! Cute, right!?!
I then insisted that she joined me in the
mud mask. After we ere saying how good
it felt, Ty wanted to try (to his dads horror).
Our favorite part is smiling after it
has dried. There is no cooler feeling!
Ty loved to watch it crack in the mirror.
If only I looked this cute covered in mud!
Ty and Summer both have what we refer
to as their 'famous pucker'. This is the
envy of their mother. I want big, luscious
lips like that. Syd has a flat pucker (which
she has been working on). She's still a great
kisser, don't get me wrong! Oh, I better go.
I have some lips to go kiss! :0)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park

Friday, we grabbed Grammy and headed to
the San Diego Zoo's Wild Animal Park.
The weather was beautiful and the animals
were out and about. Can't beat that! Our favorite moment came at the end of the day.
We were walking away from the elephants
when we heard a really load sound (Summer
said it sounded like a motorcycle right behind us).
We turned to see one of the teenage elephants crying
out and a ton of hay came shooting out of it's mouth.
The mother elephant was in a nearby enclosure that
was adjoined. They both started calling to each other
and ran towards one another. When they met up,
the baby pointed at its throat with his trunk (telling
her what just happened). They proceeded to 'talk'
to one another and hug trunks. It was so cute!

My mom and I interpreted the

conversation to be something like,

"Son, I told you to take smaller bites. Now you
know it is wise to listen to your mother!"
It was a priceless moment that we got to
enjoy without another soul around.

As I said, the weather was beautiful. They have
added a ton of water features for the kids to cool
off in. Sydney and Ty had a blast getting cooled off.

Another one of our favorites that day was watching
the zoo keepers feed the cheetahs. It was amazing
how 'housecat-like' they were. They would even
rub up against her legs. She explained that they are
5 years old and she has helped raise them since
birth. We were very jealous of her job,
to say the least! :0)

Ty loved posing for this picture.
Not quite the size of a gorilla, yet!

Syd's getting closure to being that size.

Maybe Summer can get to be that size
if she keeps eating those frozen
lemonades in her hands! :0)
We had a blast. Thanks, Grammy!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sunny Southern California

We have been taking advantage of my parents
new house. We arrived on Monday and we
have been swimming and getting sunburnt
ever since! Today we hit up San Clemente.
It's always fun to see my kids interact with each other
at the beach...without friends or cousins. Can they
handle being each others playmates? Well,
happily, I say, "Yes!" They had a blast together.
Summer even took them crab hunting under the
pier. So cute!!! I love those stinkers....
even if Summer throws sand on me. :0)
We headed to Becky and Brad's pool to rinse the
sand off afterwards. Of course we hit up Thrifty's
Ice Cream, too. We can never pass up some
Chocolate Malted Crunch
(a.k.a. Quarterback Crunch).
All in all, it makes for some tired kiddos...&
a tired mom, too! Tomorrow we head to the San
Diego Wild Animal Park (our favorite). See ya soon!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Soccer Camp

As I was downloading these pictures, I
realized that I did my kids a disservice!
This is a post about soccer camp, yet I didn't
take one single picture of them actually playing
soccer. As I was taught by my high school soccer
coach, now I must say, "My bad!" :0)
I did manage to have Summer take some pics
of Ty and Syd on Wacky Wednesday. They were
to arrive as silly as possible. Ty opted for bat
face painting....not too bad for 7:15 in the morning!
Syd got to paint her own face as we drove
the 45 minute drive to the camp (She's
an adorable clown, of course). The kids
loved their coaches. They were all young men
from England...which meant they were fun to
listen to. I do love those British accents!!!
We tried to do something fun everyday after
camp. The weather was in the triple digits and
those kids were hot and tired. We did ice cream,
gelato, Bing's shakes, & the new Super Pool in
Cottonwood. We were a little disappointed in it
since there was no actual pool. Ty was too little
to do the Super Slide, which meant he had to
hang out in the over-crowded lazy river &
the kiddy pool (which he insists he is too big
for). :0) Helen was there, so that kept him
happy. They have so much fun together!
Sydney was a good sport and she swam
with them, too. I think it just felt
good to cool off, if nothing else!
Summer sat like a lump on a log with Liz and me
until she spotted her good friends from Girls
Camp. Hannah and Gloria are the cutest. I'm
so glad Summer made such good friends there.
All in all, it was a great week!!!
P.S. Awards they won:
Ty won the Soccer Quiz (he was the
youngest on his team and he still won).
Syd won the Play of the Day certificate (she
has really been working on headers into the
goal...bloody nose and all). She made a header in
one of the games and scored a beautiful goal!
Way to go guys!!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Girls Camp 2010

From Tuesday to Saturday Summer and
I were at Girls Camp. I was called as the
Assistant Camp Director and it was a lot
of fun work. On Bishops Night, the Hydes,
the Readers, and the Christiansens came
and joined us (even though the Bishop had
2nd row playoff tickets for the Lakers for game 1
...he sold them instead for $2900 a piece)!!!
Now that is dedication! :0)
My partner in crime was Tandy Taylor and
she is the most adorable woman in the world!
We had a great time working together &
I'm sad it's her last year as Camp Director. :0(
Sorry I didn't have a cuter picture of her.
She is BEAUTIFUL!!!!We had an amazing Bishops Night! We had a
program about the book 'The 100 Dresses' and we
focused on the 3 main dresses we aim for in
our lives on earth (Blessing, Baptism, and Wedding).
It was beautiful. We didn't have many dry eyes.
That's my wedding dress and Syd's baptism dress
on display. I thought it would make my dad happy
to see my wedding dress being used again. $$$ :0)

Camp isn't all spiritaul. It is F.U.N.!!!
We don't 'allow' pranks, but they are
inevitable! One of the leaders had the
bishopric sneak up a pet rabbit that was
placed in the Stake Cabin at midnight. What
a cute bunny he was. We also found a dead snake
coiled up on our rug. That was gross! Tandy's daughter Shea has been an
awesome example to Summer the last
2 years at camp. She has taken Summer
under her wing and made her feel special.
Well, this year, she really made her feel

Now that's what Girls

Camp is all about!

Now we are home and EXHAUSTED!
It was fantastic and fun. We look
forward to Camp again next year!!!
As for now, we have a lot of sleep
to catch up on. Nap time! :0)