Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yummy food blog...and some Dutch! :0)

My moms cousin Jessica has started the
best blog ever!
She shares family history photos, recipes,
and a little Dutch lesson or two.

She knows her way around the kitchen, too!
I haven't seen any of the pictures that she shares
there before. Today she has a post about one
of my moms (Kandy) recipes.

This is a picture she included with the post.(1965)
Obviously my mom is a lot older than Jessica,
but how cute is that!?! Trust me, you will
enjoy the blog, the recipes, and a glimpse at
our Dutch ancestors! Have fun with Jessica.
I know I do!!! Thanks, Jess!

click here to go to her website

Monday, March 29, 2010

New Blog Header

I just love this picture we took while in
Dana Point, CA during Spring Break.
I think it makes for a fun new Blog Header.
Ty didn't get quite as much air as everyone else!

Ty, Sydney, Summer, & Jason

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Summer's Photography skills (or lack thereof)

While at the cabin, Summer decided to take
some pictures of Syd and me sledding.
Here we come!!!
There we are!!!
There we go!!!
Wow, that is one gummy,
brace face smile! :0(

Thursday, March 25, 2010

37 and across the country! :0(

Happy Birthday, Jason!
Jason is currently in New Jersey,
all alone and celebrating his 37th birthday.
The KFC Board that he sits on switched things
up this time and they headed to New Jersey instead
of Louisville. This officially marks Jason's farthest
journey to the east....we plan on changing that this
summer. :0) He sent me this picture yesterday.
What a beautiful view of Manhattan!
We'll be celebrating his birthday a day late &
he'll be enjoying his 1st Class flight for sure!
Happy Birthday!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snowed In!!!

I have to be careful with this post. First
off, we had fun, I promise! Now, on with
the details. Now, notice where the snow hits
Ty in this picture. When we arrived at 2 a.m.
(after a 40 minute snowmobile ride, which is
usually 5 minutes) the snow was this
deep at the front door.
Now, notice the snow has gone from waist deep to
neck deep in this picture...same spot. May not
seem like much, but this kept us snowed in for
4 days and my mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and
nephew snowed out for 2 nights! They had
to stay in a hotel at the bottom of the mountain
since we couldn't get them in through the
blowing snow and NO visibility.

This meant:
*The men worked 24/7 on the snowmobiles
(making trails, digging them out, and fixing parts)
*The ladies slaved away over the stove (rationing the
food we actually were able to snowmobile in)
*The kids played, and played, and played!!!

Brady brought his friend Jonathan and he helped
Fletcher build an awesome snow cave right outside the
cabin window.....which means I got to stay warm as I
snapped this picture! :0)

Summer and Tate had fun snowboarding
and being the crazy girls they are!

Thank goodness for warm winter clothes,
a warm, comfortable cabin, and great
company. This is a trip we will NEVER
forget. We did get to hit the slopes of
Brianhead the day before we left and
we could have skied and snowboarded
in short sleeves. BEAUTIFUL!!!

What a great beginning to our Spring Break!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The San Diego Zoo

Ty wanted to go to the San Diego Zoo as part
of his birthday celebration. We ended up getting
another year worth of passes, so we can enjoy the
San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park anytime
we want! Yoo Hoo!!! We love it there!!! Near the koala's, there is an entire shopping
area and eatery that is named after Sydney....
or so she says! She loves that spot!
Ty knows how to get around this HUGE place.
His dad is one good sport! :0)
3 cute sunburned kids from snow skiing and
snowboarding. Those pictures are on my camera and
I hope to get my computer up and running this week.
Thanks for a great time Grammy, Pops, Brad, & Becky!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My baby is 5!

I cannot believe my baby is already 5!
He has been a total angel throughout
his life. We are so blessed to have been sent
such an easy little guy. He completed our family
and we are so lucky to have him! Happy Birthday
Little Man! Ty's best friend Helen went to Chuck
E. Cheese for her birthday and told him all about
it. Ever since, he has been asking to go. We
forced my parents and Becky and Brad to join
us. It was a fun evening. Who said Chuck E. Cheese
was only for kids? I think I had the most fun!!!
Brad came straight from work and got to catch
the tail end of the show that featured Ty. We
lucked out since it was a Thursday night and Ty
was the only birthday kid. Awesome attention!
Becky came straight from her track meet (she's
a coach) and arrived in time for dessert.
I had the most cooking, no cleaning,
and a Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Cake! Can you
guess what color the frosting was!?! Thanks
for the pictures and the use of your computer mom!
I can't wait until mine is up and running again....then
watch out! I'll have a lot to post about.
Hint, hint....we were snowed in at the cabin for 4 days!!!!
Happy 5th Birthday Ty!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

St. Patrick's Day

I am still without a computer
so I am relying on my friends to send
me copies of their pictures to post.
Thanks to Kerry, I have this cute one
of Liza and my girls at the St. Patrick's
Day Parade. Syd and Liza walked for a little
bit in the parade with the Sedona Sunrise Superstar
Float. With Syd's green hair, I noticed she appeared
green in the face. After the parade she went into
strep throat full force. Yuck! We are so over it!!!
While at the Dr.s, I decided to have the doc check on
Ty's thumb (he had a cut from playing tug of war
over a hole punch with Summer). Well, turns out
it has turned into a staph infection and
he was heading toward being thumbless.
Bad mom? Yep!!!
update: Ty has STREP on his finger,
not Staph! Even the Dr. was baffled when
the results came back from the lab!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My new 'diet'!

OK, first husband brought home
another work computer which pushed
me off of our modem....thus the
lack of blogging. Sorry! Now, for
the good stuff:
I've lost 8 lbs. in 4 days!
Take a guess at how.
a. we bought a wii fit
b. I started Jenny Craig (again)
c. I got sick
d. I got a personal trainer
In this economy, the personal trainer was
an easy one to rule is the rediculously
expensive Jenny Craig. As for the Wii Fit,
we're not really 'gamers'.
Yep, it was good ol' fashion Strep Throat. I've had this
my entire life off and on but this has been the
worst case ever! Last year Jason got it for the
first time and he came home from the Dr. with
pain pills. I couldn't stop teasing him about that.
Well, paybacks a b....ig pain in the butt! :0)
I've had sky high fevers, helucinations, the whole
bit. Serves me right for teasing Jas! I'm on day
5....2 on antiobiotics and (yes) Pain Pills! :0)
I hope to be back to normal soon,
minus a few pounds.